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Taylor Swift Spazzes Out While Ribbon Dancing
With Shake It Off, Taylor Swift has not only solidified herself as a pop force but also the worst dancer on Earth (and we say that as a compliment). Throughout the Behind The Scenes video series, we have gotten to know Taylor’s lack of rhythm pretty well, but we’re too busy being charmed by the […]
  • Taylor Swift Spazzes Out While Ribbon Dancing
Miles Teller Talks Books, Love Interests, And Other Things That Make Us Swoon
It’s not secret that we have mad love for Miles Teller. We even wrote him a letter about it. The rising star has a busy fall ahead of him with the upcoming release of his film Whiplash, which is already garnering huge reviews. Obviously, we can’t wait. Teller appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy […]
  • Miles Teller Talks Books Love Interests And Other Things That Make Us Swoon
Google triples max bounty for Chrome bugs to make the browser safer for users

Google has long been rewarding anyone who can dig up Chrome browser bugs with a nice amount of cash, but the longer the reward program runs, the harder it is to find vulnerabilities. Thus, Mountain View's upping the max reward a dedicated bounty hunter can get to $15,000 for each high-quality report -- not as big as the $110,000 reward it offered for Chrome OS security bugs in January, but still 10 grand more than the previous $5,000 max. Also, recipients can now prove to their doubtful friends that they've indeed made Chrome a safer browser for them, as they'll now be listed in the program's new Hall of Fame page.

Anyone who expects to earn $15K will have to really work for it, though: they'll have to provide an exploit that demonstrates how the bug can affect users. But in order to minimize duplicate entries, bug hunters can first submit reports to claim the vulnerability and then just follow up with the exploit later on. Interested in getting some of Google's dollars for yourself? Check out the different types of vulnerabilities and their corresponding reward amounts on the program's page to see which ones will net you the most cash.

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Source: Google Online Security

  • Google triples max bounty for Chrome bugs to make the browser safer for users
The Teens’ New Favorite Store Is a One-Size-Fits-All Jorts Emporium

The Brandy Melville girl has limbs on limbs on limbs, long hair, and tanned skin. She’s at the beach and she’s wearing teeny bottoms and oversize tops, or sometimes tiny tops as well. She’s surrounded by her friends and they all look kind of similar and it’s likely they’re all ... More »

  • The Teens New Favorite Store Is a One-Size-Fits-All Jorts Emporium
Watch Sarah Silverman’s Saturday Night Live Promos

Sarah Silverman was a feature player on SNL for a very short time in the early '90s before getting fired. And now she's back with a vengeance. Wait, not a vengeance. She's back with a super-chill demeanor because she's Sarah Silverman. Watch the promos below. And after, maybe we should ... More »

  • Watch Sarah Silvermans Saturday Night Live Promos
North West’s Sweatpants Days Are Over

After an arduous week of front-row obligations and carefully coordinated outfits, Paris Fashion Week veterans Kim Kardashian and North West headed home today. Though she didn’t make it to yesterday’s Chanel show, Kim donned Karl Lagerfeld’s fall 2014 Swiss-cheese-inspired sweatsuit for the long flight home. North, who has to keep ... More »

  • North Wests Sweatpants Days Are Over
Cheryl Cole Is Unbothered On “I Don’t Care”: Listen To Her New Single
Cheryl Cole has zero phucks to give on her new single, “I Don’t Care” – the follow-up to her summer smash, “Crazy Stupid Love.” In contrast to her other songs like “Ghetto Baby,” there are no massive bass drops or an in-your-face dance theme – “I Don’t Care” is just a straight up Pop tune. In 2014′s […]
  • Cheryl Cole Is Unbothered On I Dont Care Listen To Her New Single
New Girl Recap: Spongey Make Wipey

My cable guide cut off the title of last night’s episode, leaving me only with “Older Sister,” and my heart stopped. Could it be? Would they dare? Does the Bringer of Darkness ride again? Is Abby Day back? Mercifully, the answer was no — or not yet, anyway. But given the ... More »

  • New Girl Recap Spongey Make Wipey
Comcast's cloud DVR starts serving up recordings you can watch anywhere

In the midst of attempting to gobble up its largest counterpart, battle Netflix on net neutrality and face down customer service scandals, Comcast is still slowly extending its new TV platform. The latest addition to its X1 setup is enhancing the cloud DVR feature that CEO Brian Roberts showed off at the beginning of the year. While the 500GB cloud DVR and in-home streaming are already a part of the system in several areas, in the Bay Area and Houston viewers can stream or download recordings to their mobile devices (iOS or Android, PCs can only stream) starting today. Inside the house, the X1 app fulfills Roberts promise of turning any mobile device into a television, with access to live TV streaming, recordings and video on-demand.

Of course others like Sling and TiVo have been way ahead in bringing TV shows, live or recorded, to small screens, and providers like Dish Network, AT&T and DirecTV have also pushed multiscreen viewing including recordings and downloads. If you don't have one of those though, it's good to see Comcast rolling out the technology -- especially since more of us could end up under its umbrella if the merger goes through -- although we'll need to try it out to see how well it actually works in practice. The cable giant recently decommissioned / downsized its Netflix competitor Streampix, but the option of offline viewing could put X1 in places streams don't fit like airplanes or hotels with weak WiFi. Hopefully this is a sign of things picking up for X1. Next on the hitlist (after hiring a new exec to head up customer service) should be no more national outages, 4K, full streaming video access for devices like Roku, TiVo or the Xbox One and some useful apps for those new set-top boxes -- oh and just for laughs, we'll throw in that fabled Apple TV partnership, lower prices and HBO Go everywhere / for everyone.

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Source: Comcast, X1 Cloud DVR FAQ

  • Comcasts cloud DVR starts serving up recordings you can watch anywhere
Watch the New Trailer for Horrible Bosses 2

If you prefer your punch lines screamed at high volume, this trailer is the one for you. Colin Farrell is otherwise engaged, and he's been replaced by the combination of Christoph Waltz and Chris Pine, playing a father-son team who steal our heroes' business idea and therefore Must Pay. Speaking ... More »

  • Watch the New Trailer for Horrible Bosses 2
New York Times to Cut About 100 Newsroom Jobs

The New York Times announced a new round of layoffs this morning intended to "safeguard the newspaper’s long-term profitability." About 100 newsroom jobs will be eliminated, as well as a number of editorial and business-side positions. The company will offer buyouts but will begin to lay off staffers if enough ... More »

  • New York Times to Cut About 100 Newsroom Jobs
Sons of Anarchy Recap: Live Through This

“Hey, Scotty, a bomb just went off in an ice cream shop on Main Street … next time the shop might be filled with kids. Could you live with that?” This question that Sheriff Jarry poses to Chibs is central to “Poor Little Lambs.” It’s been clear thus far that ... More »

  • Sons of Anarchy Recap Live Through This
Watch the Hermès Show Live From Paris

Starting at 11:30 a.m. today, the Hermès show will stream right here. Enjoy!  ... More »

  • Watch the Herms Show Live From Paris
Who’s Who in the George Clooney Wedding Entourage

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin had by all accounts a small and intimate wedding — or, at least, as small and intimate as a ceremony that featured a motorboat procession down Venice's Grand Canal could be. But as photos from Clooney's dream day continue to emerge, the wedding's guest list ... More »

  • Whos Who in the George Clooney Wedding Entourage
6 Abandoned Asylums That Look Like Something Out Of a Horror Movie

Every street has that one scary house on it, usually way down at the end. It always seems dark, yet you always feel like there are eyes inside there, peering out at you. In the same breath, almost every town has an abandoned mental hospital or old asylum in it, and just like with that one scary house on your street, these abandoned facilities seem like something you dreamt up your nightmares. Colorless and cold, even something as simple as looking at them fills you with a sense of dread that chills you to the bone. It is like you can feel its haunted presence, even miles away. As much as we would all like to pretend these don't exist, they do, and we might as well make a list of them. File this one under: nightmare fuel. Here are six abandoned asylums that look like something out of a horror movie (and in one or two cases, really is).

Danvers State Hospital

Image credit: John Phelan

You cannot grow up in or around Massachusetts and not know about the Danvers State Hospital. If you are driving into (of all places) Salem, it used to loom on a hill just over the highway, and you could always feel it, looking at you. It was like some great beast that hunkered down on the horizon, warning all people to turn around before it was too late. Famous for many things, including the rumored invention of the pre-frontal lobotomy, Danvers State Hospital was everything we learn to fear about the way old sanitariums were run. Patients were often either abused or ignored, and when word finally did get out how bad it was there, the place was shut down almost immediately. The odd thing was, this also meant it being abandoned fully equipped, which somehow made it all even scarier. I know because I went. Truly unsettling stuff.

Remember in the intro I talked about how one or two of these "asylums" WAS the setting for a horror film? Well, this is that place, and the movie is called Session 9 (and it is amazing). Also, there is a level on the Xbox game Painkiller that uses the Danvers State Hospital as a setting. The place "mysteriously" caught fire in 2007, and it was a fire you could see from Boston. A very surreal ending to a very surreal (and terrifying) place.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

I have to give a huge shout out to Miss Cellania for writing up a great piece for Mental Floss about this very establishment. Seems this place was not quite sure what it wanted to be. First it was a hospital that took care of people suffering from TB. Then it became a nursing home (because nothing says "we should make this place into a nursing home" like thousands of TB fatalities). After that, they were going to build a giant Jesus statue there (hey, let's overcompensate for the death and evil with a giant Jesus statue). Of course, that fell through. Now it has become one of the most prevalent places for urban explorers and novice ghost hunters alike.

A big part of its draw for some is the death tunnel or "body chute". The place the staff would use to bring the (many) dead outside without bringing anymore duress to their patients. A very creepy place with a very creepy history. Heck, this one inspired a horror film or two itself.

Norwich State Hospital

  • 6 Abandoned Asylums That Look Like Something Out Of a Horror Movie
Here Are All Your Highlights from the Thrilling Royals Wild Card Win Over the A’s (Videos)
Last night we saw a Royals Wild Card win over the A’s, and it was exactly the kind of game MLB had in mind when they cooked up this one-game Wild Card play-in format. Two teams, two different kinds of desperation, one more chance to make the real postseason. The A’s were desperate not to […]
  • Here Are All Your Highlights from the Thrilling Royals Wild Card Win Over the As Videos
The Apple Watch Made a Paris Fashion Week Appearance

You’ve got to hand it to Apple, because it appears to understand the fashion demographic better than expected. Yesterday, the company held a special Apple Watch preview at Paris’s perennially hip boutique Colette.According to TechCrunch, alongside fanboys, a handful of fashion editors and designers attended — Anna Wintour, Suzy Menkes, Karl Lagerfeld, and ... More »

  • The Apple Watch Made a Paris Fashion Week Appearance
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