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Bitcoin exec to spend two years behind bars for Silk Road transactions

Charlie Shrem, former Bitcoin Foundation board member and CEO of the now-defunct exchange BitInstant, has been sentenced to two years in prison for helping Silk Road users anonymously swap cash for digital currency. Silk Road, as you know, was the online marketplace infamous for hosting anonymous drug and gun sales that was busted by the FBI back in 2013. A version 2.0 went up shortly after that, but it suffered the same fate as its predecessor this November. Based on evidence gathered during the crackdown, Shrem agreed to partner with Robert M. Faiella to trade over $1 million in cash from buyers. Faiella was the one with direct contact to buyers, hiding behind the name BTCKing to post ads promoting his dollar-to-Bitcoin business on the marketplace.

As Ars Technica explains, here's how the scheme was carried out: Faiella would instruct customers to deposit money to third-party bank accounts, then Shrem would use BitInstant to transfer the corresponding amount back to him, which he'd pass on to buyers' Bitcoin wallets. An undercover agent, for instance, deposited $500.11 to a bank account and got $444 worth of BTC later that same day. In court, Shrem's lawyers tried to pin the blame on his youth (he was 22 at the time) and his desire to promote Bitcoin, but prosecutors claimed that the opportunity to make money drove the scheme. He pled guilty in September but tried to convince US District Judge Jed Rakoff not to lock him up, by promising to make sure nobody follows in his footsteps:

I screwed up. The Bitcoin community, they're scared and there is no money laundering going on any more. They're terrified. Bitcoin is my baby, it's my whole world and my whole life, it's what I was put on this earth to do. I need to be out there. If your honor grants me that, I can be out there in the world, making sure that people don't do the same stupid things that I did.

That didn't fly with Judge Rakoff, who decided that a "substantial prison sentence" was needed to serve as a warning to other unlicensed money transmitting businesses. Also, he didn't believe that Shrem was just "some kid making a one-time mistake" and determined that he "was knowingly, willfully, to some extent excitedly and even passionately involved in activities he knew were, in part, involved in serious violations of the law." Despite Shrem's initial efforts to convince the judge not to hand him a prison sentence (on top of forfeiting $950,000), he told Bloomberg things turned out better than expected. Two years, after all, is easier to digest than the six years prosecutors wanted him to spend in prison.

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Source: Bloomberg, Reuters

  • Bitcoin exec to spend two years behind bars for Silk Road transactions
Sorted Parts Runner: 1970 Datsun 521 Pick-Up
This 1970 Datsun 521 pick-up (chassis PL521356632) has recently been refreshed by the ASE Master Tech seller after being stored for 25 years, while the interior benefits from new carpet and upholstery. Said to start easily and run very well, brakes, engine, differential and more have received attention. and though exterior and engine bay cosmetics aren't perfect we think they're ideal, usable work truck material. Find it here on eBay in Tyler, Texas with no reserve past an unmet $4,500 starting bid.
3x Tour Auto: 1973 De Tomaso Pantera Grp. 4
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1983 Abarth 500 Formula 2000 Racer
This 1983 Abarth 500 Formula 2000 racer is offered with minimal information but looks interesting in somewhat fuzzy, lo-res photos. Powered by what appears to be a tuned Lampredi twin cam, power is quoted as 200 HP, surprisingly shifted through a gearbox with only four forward gears. Angular bodywork might not be to everyone's taste, but the gray painted tub and red faced gauges look very cool. Find it here on autoscout24.eu in Varese, Italy for 22,500 euros (~$27,505 today).
1993 Porsche 911 RS America
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1985 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16V Racer
This 1985 VW Golf (VIN 1VWBA0178FV037081) racer started life as a bare, factory-supplied competition shell and sounds to have originally been built as an ice racer. Weighing 1,800 pounds, the seller claims 220 plus HP from a heavily built (though now non-running) 2L 16V and further speculates that it was likely the fastest Golf race car on the West Coast when last ran more than eight years ago. Find it here on eBay in Vancouver, Washington for $9k OBO.
370% More Power: K20-Powered 1979 Honda Civic
This 1979 Honda Civic was the subject of a now six year old build in which it was transformed from a clean but tepid 70k mile automatic donor into the 260 HP, K20A powered screamer shown here. Built in Florida and the subject of much chatter around the time it was being put together, it's somehow found its way Europe where it is offered with what's said to be only a few hundred kilometers use since completion. Find it here on Auto Scout 24 in Bleiswijk, Netherlands for 15,900 euros (~$19,445 today).
Restored Matching Numbers 1961 Porsche 356B
This 1961 Porsche 356B coupe is being offered as a matching-numbers, strong running restoration with no rust. Photos show a straight, complete car with nice paint, interior and engine bay, though little extra information is provided apart from the mention of a clean title. Red over tan is a common color combo, but looks good over standard steelies and caps. Find it here on Craigslist in Henderson, Nevada for $44,500.
Claimed Actual 1 of 2 Miami Vice Ferrari Testarossas
This 1986 Ferrari Testarossa (VIN ZFFSA17AXG0063631) is claimed to be documented as one of two used in the filming of Miami Vice, the seller noting that although both cars were originally black they were resprayed for better contrast during night filming. An early mono specchio or single mirror model, paperwork includes full service history from new, and true or not, we like the ad's story about Enzo insisting the Daytona replica first used in filming be blown-up as part of a lawsuit settlement. Find it here on eBay in Miami, Florida for $1,750,000 OBO.
Claimed Strong Driver: 1964 Rover 110
This 1964 Rover 110 is said to retain its original 2.6 liter straight six and paint, though the latter looks faded and we spot what may be rust on the left side rockers. Fresh blue upholstery looks overly bright in some photos but more correct elsewhere, and the seller adds that it runs and drives well. RHD with a floor-shift overdrive 4-speed, it's sold with original British plates and importation paperwork. Find it here on Craigslist in San Diego, California for $7k. Special thanks to BaT reader T. Jennings for the submission!
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Rusty Runner: 1956 Chrysler 300B
This 1956 Chrysler 300B (chassis 3N561341) is a running project with a clean-looking 354 cubic inch Hemi V8 and Powerflite push-button 2-speed automatic transmission. Rockers and lower quarters are heavily rusted with holes in the trunk as well, though the seller will include replacement quarters if reserve is met. These cars have amazing presence in person, and this one--though rough--seems to have been caught in time before rot became terminal. Find it here on eBay in San Francisco, California with reserve not met at just past $11k.
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