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Keep The Cameras Rolling! Bruce Jenner Reveals Sex Change Plans To His Kids
All eyes are on Bruce Jenner these days – for numerous reasons. First, Jenner was the cause of a fatal car accident last month, and also because of his changing appearance, which has sparked sex change rumors all over the web. Now, the latest buzz is that Jenner’s sex change reveal to his children was […]
  • Keep The Cameras Rolling! Bruce Jenner Reveals Sex Change Plans To His Kids
Kim Kardashian Debuts Platinum Blonde Hair!
Kim Kardashian steps out and shows off her brand new dyed platinum blonde hair on Thursday (March 5) in Paris, France. The 34-year-old reality star was joined by her mom Kris Jenner and husband Kanye West. Earlier that same day, Kim stepped out with a big beanie over her hair to avoid anyone seeing her [...]
  • Kim Kardashian Debuts Platinum Blonde Hair!
PGA Tour's second-screen iPad app bombards you with stats, video

Even the most ardent golf fan would admit that sometimes tournament telecasts aren't exactly action-packed. The PGA Tour is trying to do something about that with its new iPad app, available just in time for this week's World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship. The second-screen app compliments the live action, giving you shot-by-shot coverage of players or groups, all overlaid onto a graphic of each hole. On top of all the stats you'd ever want (drive length, distance to hole, etc.) the app even gives predictive stats, showing how likely Rory McIlroy is to make that 25-foot putt he's facing, for instance.

There's also a birds-eye overview of the course to see where the leaders are and the relative difficulty of the hole they're playing. You can then track each swing complete with shot trails, along with more predictive stats about scoring from a given ball location. You'll also get live streaming video, player scorecards, a live leaderboard, news and highlights. That'll give you something to do when Bubba is gaging the wind or Tiger is stalking a putt (Tiger's not playing this week, by the way). For now, the new app is only available on the iPad.

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  • PGA Tours second-screen iPad app bombards you with stats video
Dan Stevens Will Be the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

The Hollywood Reporter reports Downton Abbey's Matthew Crawley, a.k.a. the actor Dan Stevens, will take on (assumedly!) the heavy prosthetics of the Beast in Bill Condon's upcoming live-action adaption of Beauty and the Beast. He'll play opposite Emma Watson (Belle) and Luke Evans (Gaston), and if you still aren't quite sure your Matthew can ... More »

  • Dan Stevens Will Be the Beast in Disneys Beauty and the Beast
Nashville Recap: Slap-Happy

Do you think Maddie spends hours in her bedroom writing Rayna-and-Deacon fanfiction after everyone goes to sleep? Do you think she doodles “Deacon + Rayna 4Ever” surrounded by hearts all over her notebooks? Does she have a Tumblr dedicated to their love? Because she is 'shipping her biological parents, hard. ... More »

  • Nashville Recap Slap-Happy
Capitol Police Uphold Ban on Fun

Snow is coming down fast in D.C., where four to seven inches of wintry fun is expected to accumulate today. Schools are closed, and the blustery weather has sent Congress home for the weekend. Despite all this, children are still not allowed to sled on the Capitol grounds. Not that ... More »

  • Capitol Police Uphold Ban on Fun
10 Films That Inspired Mad Men, According to Matthew Weiner

As we approach the conclusion of Mad Men, the show's creator Matthew Weiner is opening up about what inspired the series. In addition to the show being canonized at museums across America, Weiner will appear at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens on March 20 for a conversation ... More »

  • 10 Films That Inspired Mad Men According to Matthew Weiner
Why Insurance Companies Are So Worried About Driverless Cars

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place every weekday morning. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important?


  • Why Insurance Companies Are So Worried About Driverless Cars
NYC Parents Upset at School for Daring to Assign Kids Fun

In New York, where schooling is a competitive blood sport, parents will not abide frivolous experimentation with the status quo.  At P.S. 116 in Kips Bay, teachers have stopped assigning take-home worksheets, instead encouraging kids to do dumb, unimportant stuff like "play" and "spend quality time with your parents." You ... More »

  • NYC Parents Upset at School for Daring to Assign Kids Fun
Crocs 'midair shoe store' is staffed by drones

My friends and family don't let me wear Crocs. But still, I'm in the middle of Tokyo to see Crocs send a drone flying to pick up a (hypothetical) customers' shoes. It's all to do with promoting the shoemaker's new range of lightweight Norlin footwear -- they're not the Crocs you're thinking of -- and it involves a custom-built drone delivering the correct style and size to the customer. On top of that, it's all automated, so it's like a giant Crocs-themed vending machine... albeit with drones.

"The flying Norlin project" was made to celebrate ten years of Crocs in Japan -- yeah, you see a lot of pairs of Crocs here. The concept is the company's perhaps overly-elaborate way of explaining how light its new sneakers are. The custom-built drones have arms especially built for hooking the sneakers of your choosing, and this particular flyer can handle up to 600 grams -- enough to handle one of eighty pairs on show several meters high. To reiterate, the new shoes are light. Let's not forget that. Very light. Yes.

Sports retail sales assistants: your jobs are very much safe for now.

At the big press event unveiling, the drone builds up a bit of momentum, then deep-dives towards a pair of sneakers in order to hook them off. However, in reality, sometimes it didn't quite pull it off. It's like it was playing a crane catcher game in an arcade -- so close.

The initial run was a success however, and we saw a few more pairs get hooked eventually. Sports retail sales assistants: your jobs are very much safe for now. Don't expect these giant Crocs stores to appear in your neighborhood -- or anywhere else for that matter. The project got some help from conceptual engineering and design teams Birdman and Enjin, but it's just this single 'mid-air' store that's the result.

Contextually, if a company could ensure the safety of customers, and had the ceiling height for it, there's not much to stop this being a very real thing -- it's more about the spectacle of the delivery than the product, arguably. (And just how efficient could a drone be? Battery life isn't one of their strong points.) Japanese customers will be able 'experience' the drone store in Tokyo Midtown until the end of the weekend, although it seems like they'll have to make their actual purchases at normal stores, and interact with, ugh, other humans.

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Source: Crocs Norlin Project

  • Crocs midair shoe store is staffed by drones
‘Why Would Someone Participate in the Beheading of Their Cousin?’ Talking With an Author Who Interviewed Dozens of ISIS Members

Since ISIS is a group that kidnaps and murders Western journalists, finding out about the movement’s members and modus operandi — generally a task well-suited to traditional reporting — has proven very difficult. There are many aspects of life inside ISIS’s large swath of territory in Syria and Iraq that ... More »

  • Why Would Someone Participate in the Beheading of Their Cousin? Talking With an Author Who Interviewed Dozens of ISIS Members
Original Paint: 1969 Datsun 510
This 1969 Datsun 510 is said to run and drive with minimal rust, the seller adding that this unusual but attractive paint color remains factory-original. An L20B/5-speed drivetrain is a great start, and excluding speaker cut outs in the door cards, the interior looks pretty nice as well. Bodywork is imperfect, but straighter fenders are included. Find it here on Craigslist in Salem, Oregon for $6,500 or trade.
Drunk Squirrel Struggles to Walk in the Snow

(Video Link)

YouTube user Sphios says that this squirrel had eaten too many fermented crabapples. Go home, squirrel. You're drunk. And you'd better hope that a sciurid cop doesn't stop you as you make your way back to your tree.

-via Blame It on the Voices

  • Drunk Squirrel Struggles to Walk in the Snow
House of Cards Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Dark and Stormy

Remember when Cathy told Claire she didn’t drink hurricanes at Tulane during the most glamorous boozefest this side of the Potomac? “We weren’t barbarians,” she scoffed. Well, somebody in the HOC writers’ room is not a fan of hurricanes, because another one is headed toward the East Coast. The disaster-relief ... More »

  • House of Cards Season 3 Episode 8 Recap Dark and Stormy
DROMe: Meet the Brand That Wants You to Wear Leather in the Summer

She speculates that it’s a shade of dark brown, but the currently pink-haired Marianna Rosati has trouble recalling her natural color. Since the age of 14, the Tuscan-born designer and founder of leather-based Italian brand DROMe has experimented with everything from dark- to white-blonde bobs to “any shade of red” ... More »

  • DROMe Meet the Brand That Wants You to Wear Leather in the Summer
Agency Allegedly Wins Vans Project. Or Not. Just Stop Asking Questions, Please

Agencies like to trumpet their account wins in breathless emails, but here's a press release that plays things closer to the vest. It seems Catch New York has been hired by Vans for an "extra super top secret project." Reportedly. Allegedly. Possibly.

See the release below.

Pictured above are agency co-founder and managing partner Joe Perello, partner and CCO Doug Spitzer and co-founder and managing partner Arie Kovant.

At least, that's supposedly them.

  • Agency Allegedly Wins Vans Project. Or Not. Just Stop Asking Questions Please
Chris Brown's Daughter Is Named Royalty: Report
Chris Brown‘s daughter has reportedly been named Royalty, TMZ reports. The 25-year-old rapper had a baby girl with a model named Nia, who he is on good terms with but not currently dating. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Brown Chris reportedly wants to be active in Royalty‘s life and regularly calls Nia [...]
  • Chris Browns Daughter Is Named Royalty Report
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